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10 Signs Your Company is Ready to Migrate to the Cloud


David is a CIO at a multinational company. His everyday routine consists of checking on-premises hardware and software to make sure they are in tip-top condition, diligently creating backups of mission-critical data, managing the smooth operation of their increasingly mobile workforce and ensuring that the sensitive data on those devices are secure. With his busy schedule, he has little time to focus on his company’s core business.

Many CIOs are familiar with David’s routine. They are still holding on to their on-premise applications that can hinder the growth of their businesses. Cloud computing offers a viable solution to this dilemma. The pay-as-you-go service model has already won over businesses that want to cut back on their capital expenditures. And Cloud has a lot to offer in terms of integration, collaboration and scalability.

Are You Ready to Migrate to the Cloud?

Forrester Research reports that Cloud is expected to grow to $191B by 2020. If you’re like David, you might be missing a lot if you haven’t hopped on to the Cloud bandwagon. Here are ten signs that indicate you are ready to take on the Cloud.

1. Flexibility

If your business scales up or down due to seasonal demands, changing market conditions, or other reasons, then the Cloud is for you. With cloud-based services, you can add or remove cloud capacity or services depending on your needs.

2. Cost savings

If you want to cut back on the high cost of hardware and maintenance, then you may want to try the Cloud. Cloud lets you pay only for the services you subscribe to, giving you greater control over your operating expenses.

3. Mobility

Cloud-based services are accessible using the Internet. This is an ideal setup if most of your workforce is mobile. Employees can access Cloud applications via a web browser or mobile app on their mobile devices and this flexibility can boost their productivity.

4. Collaboration

With a mobile workforce, it is essential that employees working on a project can access files and collaborate anytime, anywhere. Cloud-based services let your teams do that and more.

5. Security

Cloud service providers have safeguards in place to ensure that your data is safe and secure. And since data is stored in the Cloud, you can be assured that sensitive data remains safe. Even if your employees lose their laptops or mobile devices, a remote data wipe is still possible.

6. Disaster Recovery

Have you heard of Ransomware—where your data is held hostage until you pay ransom? One company didn’t bother paying the ransom; they just restored their backup from their cloud service provider. If you value your sensitive data, Cloud gives you robust recovery options—be it from man-made or natural disasters.

7. Storage

If running out of storage is one of your constant concerns, then Cloud can be your lifesaver. Since data is stored virtually on a remote server, you can easily add storage capacity as needed.

8. Software Updates

Software-as-a-Service solutions let you use Cloud-based software instead of buying the software outright and installing it locally on your machines. You don’t have to worry about regular software updates and security patches because your service provider takes care of that for you.

9. Maintenance

The beauty of Cloud-based services is that they free you from repetitive tasks—allowing you to focus on your core business. Leading Cloud service providers have round-the-clock teams that can assist you whenever you need help.

10. Efficiency

You get real-time access to data – even if your data resides in the Cloud. This allows you to rapidly test and launch new services. If your business needs this capability, then moving to the Cloud should be one of your top priorities.

If you still haven’t made up your mind, there are cloud service providers that can help you assess your cloud readiness. Smart IMS can evaluate your existing technology architecture and business objectives to provide an appropriate design and strategy solution—thus helping you sustain your growth plans seamlessly without any technological glitches.

Smart IMS can give you an end-to-end view of your data center infrastructure, including servers, applications, and storage. Our certified professionals will provide a detailed analysis of your setup and the interrelationships between various components to identify the best possible Cloud solution.

If you would like to learn more how we can help ease your transition to the Cloud,
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