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Banking, Financial Services and Insurance

The finance industry relies heavily on IT infrastructure and it is imperative that every department works smoothly and efficiently. World’s leading Banks and Financial clients have partnered with Smart IMS in their transformational journey, product implementation, support and process re-engineering.

Smart IMS offers world-class facilities and support services for our customers in the banking & financial sector. We offer 24x7 hosting and support of complex IT infrastructure customized to meet the requirements of our financial services customers. Our consulting services help the customer to optimize their IT portfolio and help implementing innovative technology to keep pace with the market. At the same time, we offer world-class security solutions and services to keep their data, network and applications safe and secure.

Smart IMS provides reliable, secure and cost-effective solutions combined with the highest standards of security to our BFSI customers. We offer our expertise in product consulting, transformation, implementation and integration with Core product to Securities and Investments, Credit and Payments, Banking and Insurance clients.

Our services to customers in the financial sector include:

  • Generating intelligent solutions and tools related to financial reporting, financial planning and financial analysis.
  • Providing decision-making data analytics that have historic views and predictive analytics.
  • Providing assessment of current business architecture, operations, processes and compliance requirements.
  • Executing business process transformation, product migration, consolidation, automation and CX solutions.