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Health Care

Across the world, health care systems are recognizing the need for innovation. Advances in health technologies and data management can help facilitate new diagnostic and treatment options; however, these same advances are likely to increase overall costs, prompting widespread efforts by public and private health care providers and insurers to contain expenditure by restructuring care delivery models and promoting more efficient use of resources. 

The coming years look to be a challenging time for the global health care sector; one in which many old business models and operating processes can no longer survive amid rising demand, continued cost pressures, lack of or inadequate care facilities, and rapidly evolving market conditions. Improving efficiencies at the back office and core operational services play a role in addressing these challenges.


Our Healthcare Experience

Smart IMS has a wide range of experience in various aspects of technology-enabled solutions for the Healthcare industry including the following:

  • Customer Centricity, Customer Empowerment
    1. Health related portals with a high degree of personalized health information, assessments, tools and tips.
  • Cloud Solutions
    1. Cost-effective, scalable solutions for Electronic Health Records including secure private cloud storage
    2. Cost-effective and scalable solutions for hospital management systems including developing custom solutions, and customizing popular open-source and paid packages.
  • Mobile and multi-device/multi-platform Solutions
    1. Mobile solutions to help personal health tracking and for improved provider-patient communication and relationship.
  • Big Data
    1. Powerful analytics built on top of the large amounts of data being stored in various formats (electronic health records, mobile health apps) play an important role in lowering costs and developing customized treatment plans