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Publishing & Media

The emergence of online media has brought a notable change to the core business model of the publishing industry. Multiple distribution channels and formats now exist, and though the revenues generated from these new avenues are still small when compared to the print medium, publishers are keen to establish their presence in these emerging markets.

Consumer behavior has also changed, putting pressure on publishers as a growing number of consumers prefer online digital content. Traditional television business models are changing rapidly due to seismic shifts in consumer preferences and viewing behaviors. Because of these changes, publishers, networks and studios are starting to reconfigure business dynamics — reimagining the execution of original programming and exploring new creation and distribution models to meet consumers on their own terms.

Technology is not just enabling; it also plays a key role in defining and creating new markets for publishers while competing in a digital marketplace. Service oriented architectures that enable the distribution of content to a variety of consumers are playing a key role. Flexible digital commerce models enable companies to experiment with different paid models to augment the traditional revenue streams driven by advertising.


Our Media and Publishing Experience

Smart IMS has not just witnessed but is playing a part in the evolution that the media industry is going through. We have gained in-depth hands-on experience by working with the Top 5 media and publishing houses and cable networks in helping them build enabling technology solutions spanning the entire media spectrum from content creation to publishing and distribution across various devices and outlets.

Our experience in the online media industry includes but is not limited to the following areas:

  • Architecting and designing large scalable service oriented web solutions with high reliability, low latency, and sub-second response times
  • In-depth experience in building flexible and efficient content management and publishing solutions
  • Experience in developing SOA federation of services to a growing number of consumer systems across multiple platforms and devices – Build once, use anywhere solutions to easily distribute content to multiple channels and devices
  • Experience in architecting near-real time reporting and analytics to provide key insights to business and sales teams about unused inventory to inform sales strategies
  • Experience in designing centralized Rights Information repositories for easy and timely access to the business
  • Digital commerce solutions with flexible pricing such as freemium, multi-platform (paper, online, mobile, tablet), pay-per-view, content packs, and upselling and cross-selling solutions

Our teams have participated in several key projects and services at some of leading Media & Publishing industry clients like

  • Dowjones
  • Everyday Health Inc.
  • AE Networks
  • The New York Times
  • Data Prose