Global Digital Cloud Transformation for Global Media Company

Global Digital Cloud Transformation for Global Media Company

Smart IMS staff had responsibility for the management and implementation of the entire global and North America transformation program. Several of the applications transformed and migrated were critical revenue-generating applications.

Reporting directly to the CIO and CTO, we developed a strategy to put the program on a path to success. This required we analyze and revise the current strategy, as well as the TCO model. We also reset the transformation strategy to align it with the stated goals and objectives of senior management.

Our responsibilities included the analysis of 900+ applications, the migration, and retirement of 250+ applications from on-prem to the AWS public cloud, as well as the analysis, and re-design of the current cloud infrastructure.

* This new strategy included:

  • Assessing the current PMO’s capabilities
  • Performing an Application Portfolio Assessment (@ 900 apps)
  • Delivering a Macro Analysis of app candidates for Lift & Shift and Light Transformation
  • Performed Micro Analysis of Applications Targeted for Migration
  • Reviewed and assessed the current Operating Model
  • Analyzed the CICD pipeline including a DevOps assessment
  • Assessed the current account and infrastructure delivery architecture
  • In coordination with the app and infrastructure teams, developed the Future State Plan
  • Developed the Migration Factory and Implementation Strategy
  • Designed a plan to meet management’s committed goal of a 75% cloud compute ratio

* We then managed the implementation phase of the project, which included a hybrid team of client staff, and expert consulting support resources:

  • The direct migration of over 30 applications
  • The closure of 8 datacenters
  • The retirement of 250+ application to the Public Cloud
  • Establishment of a Greenfield environment for new and future applications
  • The Decommissioning of over 2500 servers
  • Design and construction of a new Landing Zone eco-system to meet future needs and capacities including VPC design, automated policies, the establishment of new tagging standards, setting of new security guidelines, CI/CD workflows, automated account buildouts resulting in improved cloud network resiliency
  • Designed and built the Operating Model Framework
  • Implemented changes in the cloud governance model resulting in savings of over $2MM indirect cloud spend.

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