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Pi Health and Smart IMS join forces to provide a breadth of unique innovative technology solutions to our life sciences clients

Our commitment is to make clinical trials both safe and efficient, to simplify your regulatory obligations, and to help you manage quality and learning activities.

Explore the advanced, innovative solutions and services that stem from the fusion of Pi Health’s CRO & CDMO expertise and Smart IMS’s technological prowess. From advanced data analytics and precision research to healthcare automation and telemedicine solutions, our collaboration represents an exciting partnership that’s poised to redefine the future of clinical research and life sciences.

Diligent growth of science and technology has resulted in the need for cost-effective and increasingly adaptable solutions to manage growing pressure in clinical operations.​

Life sciences brands and clinics struggle to effectively manage and execute their clinical operations due to regulatory compliance requirements, varying study design requirements, and loosely integrated systems, while also ensuring real-time data capture and secure storage through constant monitoring. This results in high operational and maintenance costs. There is a need for dependable solutions and services to help them overcome these obstacles and keep their unwavering commitments.

Smart IMS, in partnership with Pi Health, a health technology and clinical research firm, offers unique and cutting-edge clinical research services and technology solutions to help break down these obstacles and prepare for the next big thing in life sciences and health care.

The mission is to enable patients all over the world to have equal access to highest quality for care and research. Comprehensive technology services, a paradigm shifting clinical platform FICS®, subject mater experts & R&D help deliver ground breaking solutions for life sciences companies. Through its end to end solutions and services, we deliver

  • Significant reduction in study set-up time, increased accuracy, automation and reduced reconciliation time
  • Role based access to various stakeholders participating in the clinical trials
  • Streamlined clinical trial operations with smart and efficient document management system
  • Support with prospective, ongoing and retrospective management of clinical trials
  • Managed master data of contacts, sites, etc.,
  • 24×7 monitoring, visibility and control over all clinical processes

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Unique Life Sciences IT Pain Points

Life Sciences Solutions face numerous hurdles in offering intelligent insights and real-world results while remaining agile in response to scientific developments.

Study Start up issues

Study Start up

This includes dealing with regulatory differences across nations, a lack of 100% system/technology driven activities, repeating modifications in the study design, a go-no-go period while performing the study, and potential delays in the process.​

Data privacy and Security are critical

Data privacy and
Security are critical

This includes managing compliance across technologies and functions, preventing sponsor IP/data leaks, and dealing with multiple data privacy regulations.​

Lack of integration between systems

Lack of integration
between systems

This includes Lack of source document verification, variable data sharing protocols across EHRs, HL7 v2 remains prevalent, and loose integration of finance and other in-house systems​

No real time data capture

No real time data

This includes costly and time-consuming process of data capture from EHR systems, duplications in data entry leading to errors in outcomes, and working with complex mechanisms to transform EHR to EDC.​

Operational and monitoring costs

Operational and
monitoring costs

These result from usage of existing traditional and cumbersome eTMF systems, traditional and costlier means of monitoring of sites and working with complex risk-based monitoring approach​

Our Holistic Lifesciences Offerings

Explore our comprehensive suite of services that empower businesses with technology designed to elevate clinical research and patient care to new heights.

Our Capabilities

Why Smart IMS?

Strong foundations that help Smart IMS deliver excellence.

Minimizing Enterprise Efforts

Real time updates

24/7 Monitoring and maintenance of your clinical applications with real-time notification on process and services disruption or failure.

CollaborationDriving Business Value

Streamlined Technology Integration

Experience and expertise to streamline the process and capitalize on cross-departmental efficiencies.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory Compliance

Experience and expertise to streamline the process and capitalize on cross-departmental efficiencies.

Expertise Through Resources

Customized Solutions

Cost effective Opex & SaaS model and customized Capex model for application services fitting in your requirement and budget.

Holistic Solutions and Services

End to End Solutioning

From site identification to Study close-out, we oversee and manage complete clinical operation.

Deep Domain Expertise & Professionals

Deep Domain Expertise & Professionals

Diverse team of clinicians, medical, technology experts and process engineers to help run your trials and manage the processes, site and patient data.

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