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Celebrating experiences that unify the people at Smart IMS.

A legacy is built on the people and culture at an organization. At Smart IMS, we ensure to create a vibrant, rich and engaging environment to keep our legacy alive.

Our dynamic workplace culture is built on the foundation of unity and inclusivity, and our events reflect our commitment to creating meaningful experiences for every member of our team. We embody the spirit of learning, laughter, and creativity that sets us apart as a dynamic and thriving organization. 

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Activities @ Smart IMS



Celebrating special occasions worldwide! Euphoria aims to host grand in-house events, inspiring conclaves, and exciting outdoor adventures, all designed to unite our team in unforgettable get-togethers.



The Social Responsibility wing within Smart IMS comprises individuals who unite to spearhead initiatives aimed at making a positive impact, involving the Smart IMS team and the communities that we operate in. Their goal is to actively contribute to creating a better world.

Pulse - SmartIMS


An exciting initiative dedicated to enhancing the health and wellness of the Smart IMS community and beyond. Pulse strives to promote physical and mental well-being amongst its members, through a variety of programs and activities.



All work and no play make Smartians a dull team. Our Smartian Sports team beats this through multiple intra and inter organization sports events throughout the year - be it cricket, badminton, table tennis, volleyball, carroms, chess, ludo, virtual cricket and more!



Smart Frames team are a passionate set of people looking to capture memories – be it professional achievements, personal milestones reached, or collaborations musings in diverse areas! Capturing adventurous endeavors that make a Smartian stand apart from the rest!



Skill development is at the core of what we do. Encouraging team members to work on their skills and improve their understanding and exposure to different domains. The Smart Share team ensures regular sessions for team members to engage and talk about any topics - from the classic movies to books that make you cry.

In the Spotlight

In the Spotlight

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