Microsoft Office 365 Productivity Add-ins

Microsoft Office 365 Productivity Add-ins

Microsoft Office 365 Productivity Add-ins:

Microsoft Office 365 comes with a range of Add-ins that bolster functionality and productivity. All these add-ins enable users to get more from the Microsoft Office 365 experience. Let’s delve into a few productivity add-ins of Microsoft Office 365 in this article.

Email Tracking Add-ins: If you need to see how users are dealing with your email messages, then we have our in-house built Email tracking add-in. It allows users to know the information of who opened the messages and clicked on the links. This email tracking add-in also lets us know when the email is opened and how often. For salespeople, it acts as a handy analytics tool.

Microsoft MyAnalytics Add-in: The MyAnalytics add-in from Microsoft is in Outlook’s personal notification feed that helps achieve productive and deep-focused work. Throughout your work day, the MyAnalytics add-in periodically refreshes relevant and new insights. This add-in is a regularly updating feed that track the influence and reach of your email communications. It also helps prioritize your time to get the focused work done and manage relationships with important people. The MyAnalyticsOutlook add-in is automatically enabled for users who have MyAnalytics license.

Message Filer: Message Filer is an add-in that comes handy when you want to find folders and emails more quickly through its inbuilt search function. It allows users to quickly file mails in folders and one can also flag and categorize content. In just a click or two, one can place them in pre-determined folders.

Email Sharing Add-ins: Corporate employees can share their emails with one another using this email sharing add-in. Users can subscribe to channels that this add-in creates. Anyone who has subscribed to the channel can access emails shared across the channel. Users will be able to see the shared messages anywhere as this add-in is available in mobile devices, desktop and online.

Secured Encryption: This add-in works with attachments and email messages and allows users to encrypt and shred content. This add-in is good for enhanced security. Secured Encryption effectively eliminates the possibility of a third person to see the content of an email and ensures that only the sender and the recipient will be able to view emails.

FindTime: FindTime is a free add-in designed by Microsoft to see people available for a meet. This add-in lists users who are available to meet and sends out an invitee to all interested participants. FindTime invite can be sent to anyone with an email address. The organizers are only required to be in Office 365.

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