Smart IMS End To End Test Automation

Smart IMS End To End Test Automation

Smart IMS – End to End Test Automation:

As the need of delivering new and high-end applications grow day by day, more and more organizations are realizing the fact that software testing is not just the one they need to have a quality test done. They require automation testing that detects errors and corrects them automatically in their entire project development lifecycle.

There is a need to have an end to end test automation across various stages working in the way of functionality, be it complex applications, application integration or a separate module of the project. There are many testing methodologies and frameworks to work on, most important the right way to automate plays a challenging role and not all can do this. It requires intense focus, business knowledge and customized work flows, and depends as much on right tools and frameworks for project success.

Smart IMS helps organizations in designing, implementing, and executing several types of testing activities and improves in achieving high quality performance. The QA teams identify and develop end-to-end scenarios, ensuring the correctness of functionality as per business requirements. Smart IMS assists enterprises in the process of automating the task right from assessing, evaluating, selecting the right tool and platform and implement them that best fits the project needs.

At Smart IMS, the test team keeps the entire process streamlined through its strategic approach.  Test Automation approach goes beyond script-based methods, using a more powerful, cost-effective and scalable testing solution for enterprises. Smart IMS tackles the challenges of manual testing by adapting next generation automation solution including existing and new executable tests. Smart IMS end to end test automation services includes:

  • Assessment and choosing the right test automation tool
  • Identify relevant test scenarios to automate
  • Best practices for setting up a test environment
  • Running cross browser compatibility test on various platforms with various configurations
  • Automation test report generation
  • Maintenance of automated test scripts

Smart IMS end-to-end testing capabilities supports an impressive list of out-of-the-box technologies.

  • Cuts down test cycle times by testing API interfaces
  • Reduce the number of tests
  • Effective communications by creating test cases
  • Improves the quality, reliability and performance of their software systems

Before jumping in to automation, it is also important to realize the benefits with respect to testing efforts and expenses. By using our automation testing services, clients can maximize ROI and deliver tangible benefits ensuring you to maximize testing coverage, increase application quality, and reduction in operational cost.

Smart IMS automation testing services are carefully planned in each phase and are monitored at each testing level. Testing activities are governed through structured processes by following necessary guidelines, test cases, procedures and plans like

  • Generic product test plan and schedule
  • Details of test cases
  • Specification of test procedures
  • Regression test plan and cases
  • Product acceptance testing guidelines
  • Test log and defect report templates

Finally, Automation testing is a good approach to keep code maintainable, understandable, debug-able, and bug-free. Direct benefits like cost, time and effort contributes the most for the reasons behind the gaining popularity of automation test which is the leading trend of current software industry.

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