Smart IMS Office 365 Centralized Deployment Service

Smart IMS Office 365 Centralized Deployment Service

Smart IMS – Office 365 Centralized Deployment Service:

The Centralized Deployment Service of Office 365 by Microsoft is a feature that enables administrators to deploy add-ins for single users, groups or the entire organization through either Powershell scripts or the Office 365 admin center. Office add-ins helps users in personalizing their work experience and streamline data access. Add-ins built for internal use within an organization, as well as add-ins from the Office Store or Microsoft AppSource, can be deployed through Centralized Deployment to tenants across the world.

With Office 365 Centralized Deployment, Smart IMS could help business enterprises who are seeking to simplify their office environment. Our experts understand your business requirement and thereby offer the best suited deployment plan. Once plan gets approved, we streamline the Office 365 deployment process to your office premises extending office with high-value services across all major platforms. The new centralized deployment model with Office add-ins eliminates the need for software distribution systems to deploy these new add-ins.  One can customize the desktop environment with add-ins, personalization and security policies, without expecting users to load the add-ins or configure Office.

All a user needs to do is open the Office application and the new add-in will automatically be visible on the ribbon. The add-in gets auto downloaded for the user when the Office app starts. However, if the administrator turns the add-in off or if the user gets removed from the Azure Active Directory (ADD) group, the add-in will no longer appear. Microsoft is planning on equipping end users with the ability to turn off add-ins from the ribbon.

Users from security groups, Office 365 groups and distribution lists supported by AAF are also supported by Centralized Deployment. The prerequisites are an OAuth enabled Exchange version and a recent version of Microsoft Office. All Office supported languages, sovereign Data Centers and Deployments from China and Germany are included in the Centralized Deployment worldwide support. Although Outlook add-ins are still being deployed from the Exchange management pages, add-ins for Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Office Online, Windows and/or Mac are currently supported by the service.

The following features are offered via Centralized Deployment.

  • Windows, Mac and Office Online support for Word, Excel and PowerPoint – deployment of add-ins happens automatically upon client boot.
  • Store Add-Ins or Line of Business Add-Ins- For Line of Business (LoB) applications, a manifest can be uploaded or add-ins can either be procured from the Office Store and assigned to users.
  • Office Admin Center or PowerShell- Deploy, modify and assign add-ins using either Powershell or the Office 365 Admin Center.
  • Eligibility documentation and Compatibility script- To help organizations determine if the deployment is working as expected, comprehensive documentation is provided. Whether an organization has the correct configuration necessary to utilize Centralized Deployment can be determined by running a script.
  • ISV analytics-  Licensing recommendations for upselling will be achieved once Microsoft completes adding analytics to the Seller Dashboard which describe the no. of users that have been assigned an add-in per tenant ID.

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