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Test Automation – Best ways enterprises can overcome challenges

There is a need for organizations to constantly improve their services and products to safeguard their competitive edge in the current times of Information Technology. While improving their products and services, there is also a dire need to maintain the quality of their services and products. During these agile scenarios, the first burden falls on Testing.

As and when the release cycles are reduced, the time available for testing the components is also reduced. In fact, the release cycles and time required for testing are directly proportional, the lower the time for release, the lesser is the time required for testing. However, there will be no change in the testing efforts. This is where, Automation Testing comes into play. Test Automation is the only solution to reduce the time required to complete a Test Cycle without compromising on the quality.

Regression Testing is one of the QA methodology where most of the time is devoted to ensuring that there are no defects in the functionality after any changes made in coding or configurations. Test Automation plays a vital role in performing Regression Testing where time for test efforts are drastically reduced and proper quality is maintained. But these come with its own set of challenges. Test Automation not only helps organizations increase their testing speed but also reduces costs and increase the quality of the product. This is achieved by overcoming few challenges.

The first challenge for any Automation Testing is to see how effectively it could improve the software testing speed and quality while reducing costs. As mentioned earlier, the Regression Testing is simplified by making a move from Manual process to Automated Testing. Through Test Automation, the regression testing can be executed more often to detect errors and there is no need to skip regression testing even when the time is limited. This will eventually make an impact on the cost as well because of the reduction in the involvement of manual testing process.

The next immediate challenge will be in setting up an adaptable Test Automation Suite. The Test Automation Suite defines how well you can adopt to testing strategies levied on the services or the product to test. If your Test Automation Suite is set up without precise targets on how to base the design, it might lead to increased costs.

Setting up a well architected Test Automation Suite addresses these challenges. The Test Automation Solution from Smart IMS helps you implement the right design and define accurate goals by reducing manual testing efforts while increasing accuracy and reliability. Smart IMS partners with the client to conduct automation assessments across business units. Automation assessments would include identifying the existing automation frameworks and how it could be improved.

The QA talent pool at Smart IMS ensures the automation framework is instilled with key features like tight integration of Quality center for test harness and test management. The automation frameworks used by QA strategists at Smart IMS come with support for different technologies like Mainframe, .Net, Java and any other Web technologies. Reusable Test Scripts are designed using the automation test framework. A managed service model is implemented to support client’s automation needs. The current automation frameworks at Smart IMS has the capability to automate more than 1000 regression test cases apart from test scenarios and test coverage.

As a result, we see the regression testing time come down by 90% per test cycle thus realizing full ROI with an improved and quantified test coverage.

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