Candidate Sourcing

Candidate Sourcing

Candidate Sourcing:

Through proactive recruiting methodologies, sourcing in recruiting identifies and uncovers the potential candidates best fit for a job position. To find the best candidate from both passive and active talent pools, the talent sourcing strategy is formulated to fit targeted profiles and certain industries. Sourcing expertise, dedicated sourcing resources and supporting technology are few vital factors required for a successful talent sourcing strategy.

Identifying the number of potential candidates for an open position is the first step to be implemented in candidate sourcing. To identify candidates, the current generation recruiters are also using social media. Since their work is not entirely dedicated to candidate sourcing, this approach is limited. There are only a few organizations that have recruitment departments with a dedicated and focused sourcing function for training and expertise to source efficiently. Even those who have these, have a very limited capacity. Smart IMS regards sourcing function as critical to success criteria and has two sourcing consultants to support one recruitment consultant.

Below are few of the key factors implemented at Smart IMS as part of Candidate Sourcing:

  • 4 Robust Proprietary Applicant Databases
  • Advertising (local and national)
  • Employee referral bonus program
  • Employment agencies
  • Government programs (State employment and unemployment)
  • Military out placement and job fairs
  • Corporate out placement
  • Direct mail
  • Electronic Job Search services
  • Campus Alumni recruiting
  • Job fairs

A professional talent sourcing strategy consulting companies ensures that all candidate channels and niches for potential candidates are thoroughly searched on the web. It is a pre-requisite to understand how to build the right search strings for potential candidates to be unleashed from web. This is because, there are numerous networking and social sites such as LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook etc. to contact and network the candidate effectively.

Candidates need to be contacted once the pipeline has been built. This will require a telephone number, an email address or an acceptance to connect to a social or professional networking sites. To evaluate the interest of the candidate, a dialogue is initiated. Some will not respond, some may not have the required skills and a few may not be interested. On an average, to close one position, around 100 potential candidates need to be identified.

One may wonder if it is worth doing all these efforts. The answer is yes. This increases the chances of identifying the right candidate who may not the available in traditional job boards. Further, positions can get closed faster if the talent pipeline is increased. This also significantly reduces time to hire. At Smart IMS, we fill a significantly higher percentage of passive candidates who have never applied for the jobs on their own for our client’s positions. Professional set up, experience and technology are needed to keep talent sourcing cost effective and efficient.

About SmartIMS – ConnX

Smart IMS – ConnX is a technology solutions oriented company integrating Application Development, Cloud Transformation Services, Managed Services and Professional Services.

As a leader in the unified communications field, Smart IMS – ConnX consistently delivers applications to enable users to be mobile, agile and competitive, helping enterprises to increase revenues, improve efficiency and mitigate risks. 

The company, headquartered in Plainsboro, New Jersey (US), with offices in India, Singapore, Sydney, deploys a global delivery model and deep domain expertise originating in the Trader Voice and Financial sector, with a focus on transforming traditional PBX to SIP-based telecommunications services. 
Smart IMS serves Fortune 1000 as well as emerging organizations across industries and geographies to transform their business from traditional model to cloud and digital. 

Our values and culture is focused to deliver quality, scalability, predictability in execution and an enhanced customer experience.

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