Choosing the lowest cloud price could cost you more

Choosing the lowest cloud price could cost you more

Choosing the Lowest Cloud Price Could Cost You More

Cloud computing is the epitome of an evolving paradigm. The business of tomorrow cannot be built with a legacy system. Businesses need to be made smarter, faster and reliable within the Cloud. To equip your business with a more versatile process approach, transformation and end user experience, the existing infrastructure need to be restructured in a Cloud environment.

Just like other technologies have revolutionized, cloud computing has also been one that has transformed the way companies do business. It is considered by many IT experts to reshape their business productivity, reduce costs and increase business agility. But there are number of choices in how you source and deliver services to the enterprise: private cloud, public cloud, traditional IT, on-premise, off-premise, etc. So, many organizations are concerned more in knowing when and how best to deploy cloud and gain value.

Unfortunately, today there are many vendors in the market who would showcase their cloud infrastructure for less price. This leads to a dangerous and expensive way for businesses to make critical buying decisions. Renting cloud infrastructure from service providers has various lifecycle actions and various layers of services that plays a key role in managing the overall consumption of that service and management of that service. The lowest cost provider does not cover the complete computing needs in terms of extended network usage and storage. This might lead to increase in price with changes in functional development and might need experts to monitor and manage performance. IT management duties may vary depending on specific kind of service and utilization of Cloud. By knowing the underlying concepts of how to tackle the responsibilities makes cloud management obligations significantly easier.

With a diverse set of strategic Cloud alignments with leading platforms like AWS, Microsoft and VMware, Smart IMS is uniquely positioned to enable the Right Cloud Solution fit. Smart IMS will review and assess the existing server infrastructure and map the best possible virtualization or cloud solution based on your requirements, ensuring significantly lower investment costs. We will evaluate the existing technology architecture and business objectives to provide an appropriate design and strategy solution to help you sustain your growth plans seamlessly without any technological glitches. Our services provide an end-to-end view of the data center infrastructure, including servers, applications, and storage.

Plot strategies, cut costs, enhance efficiencies, deal with a hybrid tech environment and do much more with our cloud services. Let us make the cloud work for you. Smart IMS adopts an approach to Cloud computing which helps businesses progress towards enhanced business agility, improved levels of IT flexibility and optimum utilization of resources whilst reducing costs and improving the ROI and reducing TCO.

Equipped by our cloud-enabled Enterprise Transformation technology with pre-built cloud components, Smart IMS helps you make the best decisions when it comes to cloud technologies by mapping out strategies that:

  • Accelerate time-to-market and increase profitability
  • Improve utilization of your IT infrastructure
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Virtualize processes
  • Increase workforce collaboration
  • Faster computing for real-time insights

About SmartIMS – ConnX

Smart IMS – ConnX is a technology solutions oriented company integrating Application Development, Cloud Transformation Services, Managed Services and Professional Services.

As a leader in the unified communications field, Smart IMS – ConnX consistently delivers applications to enable users to be mobile, agile and competitive, helping enterprises to increase revenues, improve efficiency and mitigate risks. 

The company, headquartered in Plainsboro, New Jersey (US), with offices in India, Singapore, Sydney, deploys a global delivery model and deep domain expertise originating in the Trader Voice and Financial sector, with a focus on transforming traditional PBX to SIP-based telecommunications services. 
Smart IMS serves Fortune 1000 as well as emerging organizations across industries and geographies to transform their business from traditional model to cloud and digital. 

Our values and culture is focused to deliver quality, scalability, predictability in execution and an enhanced customer experience.

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