Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

The Latest Cyber-Attacks Show Why the Cloud is Safer

What does it tell you when no major cloud provider has been a victim to any of the cyber-attacks over the last few years? Off late, we have seen computer systems from United States to the Ukraine affected by Petya cyber-attack. Before that, we saw the WannaCry ransomware attack which took advantage of the older versions of Windows operating systems that are vulnerable to attacks if not updated with the latest security patches. In fact, it also allowed the infection to spread across continents within no time. All it wanted is just a click to the malicious link and you are trapped in its web. These types of attacks remind you of how cloud is a safer and better place in the current generation of Information Technology. The series of cyber-attacks have pushed IT enterprises to become more diligent on the overall security of their products and services. It is more likely proven that these vulnerabilities are because of the security patches and fixes that are not applied as and when required.

On the contrary, there are many enterprises that are still under the impression that there are more security threats when applications are managed by others like cloud computing. May be that is the reason of why only 10% of the applications reside in the Cloud globally. This is still a very wrong notion that they will get rid out off soon. The use of services by public cloud providers are very less likely to get breached or attacked. These cloud providers give us the most enhanced layers of security that is more than a deterrent for cyber-attacks. Monitoring mechanism of the cloud by these cloud providers are proactive and they spot any attack at a very fast pace and quickly block them. They also automatically apply the service patches across the operating systems and update them with latest security patches and fixes. All this is done behind the scenes and is taken care by the cloud service provider with nothing much needed to be done by enterprises who opt their services.

It is also imperative that tackling with security threats like these could prove costly to some of the organizations. And most of them could just not be ready to face these sudden threats from nowhere like the Petya or the WannaCry and other malware that shuts down their systems. No matter whatever it is, the first thing that organizations need to do is not to panic but instead do an assessment of the internal systems and security. No matter, it may not be resolved in a quick time but you can have a plan in place that will enable you to tackle these security threats.

While going through this phase, you will realize that there is no better place than the Cloud to make your applications safe and free from any threats. Just like enterprise IT systems, cloud too had its share of outages but it was never the case with major cloud providers. It is a proven fact that no major cloud provider fell prey to any type of malware attacks over years.

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