Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

How to choose the right cloud infrastructure for your company:

The biggest challenge for any organization is to choose the right cloud infrastructure that seamlessly matches their portfolio of applications. One major hindrance in selecting the right cloud infrastructure is that there is no common framework built among the Cloud Service providers and no two cloud service providers are the same. At Smart IMS, we have the right cloud expertise that helps in determining the right cloud infrastructure for any organization.

Before considering the criteria for choosing the right cloud infrastructure, let’s see the major players among the public cloud providers. Among the list of cloud providers, three names that stand out are Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Of these three, the frontrunner is the AWS with a market share of more than 50 percent while Azure stands second with more than 30 percent followed by GCP which is around 15 percent. Other Cloud providers like Rackspace and IBM Cloud have their share of applications hosted but are smaller in size when compared to the top three.

Moving forward, this article is not about choosing one among the three cloud providers but the criteria behind choosing the right cloud infrastructure. Below are some of the crucial factors taken into consideration at Smart IMS by the Cloud expert team on selecting the right cloud infrastructure.

Security is the key:

Security plays a vital role while considering the right cloud infrastructure for your company. Ironically, not all cloud providers offer same level of security and it is mandatory to assess the security policies governing the data privacy regulations. Ensure that your cloud provider is accustomed to industry standard security protocols and adhere to its implementation. Few cloud providers have their set of security standards pertaining to their respective industries. If your application falls in health care domain, check if your cloud provider is HIPAA certified. Likewise, be it PCI DSS, SOC 2, HIPAA or any other frameworks for that matter, our Cloud expert team at Smart IMS are intelligent enough to recognize the security standards that various cloud providers offer and will help choose the right Cloud infrastructure for your company.

Data Storage Needs:

Depending on the size and type of data, prepare a cloud storage roadmap that helps determine the amount of Cloud storage space your applications need. Also keep in mind the performance parameters of the applications while choosing the cloud storage space. This will immensely help you strategize migrating applications to the Cloud. At Smart IMS, we help you choose the appropriate Cloud infrastructure for your organization based on the Data Storage needs.


Compatibility is one factor that should be on the top of your priorities while considering the right infrastructure for your organization. It is very vital to keep a cross check on the compatibility factor of your cloud based applications with multiple web browsers and operating systems across your organization. If this is not implemented correctly, it will create havoc in laying the foundation of your Cloud infrastructure. We at Smart IMS, consider the current and future aspects of our trade off with enterprise applications and will strategize in choosing the right cloud infrastructure for your business.

Cloud Service Features:

Ensure that your cloud service provider is scalable to meet your business needs down the line. Interoperability, functionality, performance and the type of cloud platform are some of the crucial features to be taken into consideration while adopting the right cloud infrastructure. A comprehensive suite of solutions to meet your basic business needs is what majority of the cloud service providers offer. However, make sure that you choose the right one which allow you to share documents, take a data back up and store massive amounts of data in a single platform.

Cost Considerations:

Though it may not look like an important aspect while considering your technicalities revolving around the cloud infrastructure, it is not a denying factor either. Cost plays an impact in going for the right cloud service provider. The pricing structure that comes with the features they provide varies across all the cloud service providers. While few players determine pricing based on the number of hours used, few of them bill it with the number of minutes used. AWS instances can be purchased through diverse options like “On Demand”, where you pay for what you use and no upfront costs involved. There is also an option to reserve instances for 3 years and pay upfront cost based on utilization. Finally, based on the usage patterns, budget and timeline, determine the best fit for your business model.

Before concluding, the above factors explained will give a hindsight of your thought process in adopting the Cloud Infrastructure for your company. Apart from these, our cloud expertise at Smart IMS will help add granularity by doing an extensive analysis of your business needs and help you provide the right cloud infrastructure for your organization.

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