Insurance Technology Trends for 2022

Insurance Technology Trends for 2022

Like all other years, 2022 also brings some technological advancements and trends. Many of them are tailed to fit insurance needs.

Here are the top insurance technology trends you should know in 2022.

Top 4 Insurance Technology Trends for 2022

  • Artificial Intelligence
    Artificial Intelligence is the leading factor in the technological sector. However, it has also made its mark in the insurance industry. While many companies still think AI is in its infancy stage, 65% of insurance agencies are satisfied with their AI investments for customer experience (CX).As it matures, AI will have more implementations and capabilities in insurance companies.

Top 4 Insurance Technology Trends for 2022

  • Connected Networks
    Although connected networks have been for some time, they continue to expand in 2022. Thanks to IoT (Internet of things), insurance companies can gain first-hand data from networks. This trend opens doors for greater customer satisfaction with fewer risks involved. Moreover, it offers accuracy and various other benefits.

Connected Networks

  • IoT and Mobile Devices
    Many insurers have already begun working with IoT (Internet of things). They make the most of their sensors to understand risk better. The use of mobile and telematics devices has grown exponentially compared to the last few years.
    Insurers also use IoT devices and applications to determine the usage time for insured equipment. However, more evolution is expected related to machine-generated data in the insurance industry.
IoT and Mobile Devices
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  • Process of Automation
    Regardless of its industry, every company is now opting for automation. It helps them gain maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction. The same can be said for the insurance industry adopting robotic process automation (RPA) as one of its biggest trends in 2022.

Process of Automation

These are all the major insurance technology trends for 2022 expected to leave a mark forever in the industry. However, there will also be various short trends, so make sure to stay updated.

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