Post COVID Application Management Strategy

Post COVID Application Management Strategy

Application Management Services (AMS) refers to the service palette of application management provided by businesses to other organizations. Companies outsource the tasks of application management and development to vendors, who have a team of experts that enable the smooth running of the software

Companies resort to delegating application management for the primary purpose of improving internal efficiency. It becomes a tedious process for internal IT teams to revisit the same application for patch updates, bug fixing, or development and compromises their ability to focus on the ongoing mainstream projects. This sort of creates a backlog, where a member/s of the internal team is consistently engaged in juggling multiple tasks, in turn affecting the overall productivity.

Application Management Services help improve efficiency, as several companies who run a legacy infrastructure are unable to streamline their IT functions. Companies offering AMS have the expertise and experience to match the pace of the evolving technologies which enables them to provide end-to-end solutions.

COVID lockdowns have got the senior management rethinking their application management strategies. Legacy infrastructure acts as speed bumps in the daily operations of an organization, that coupled with Work From Home has acted as a roadblock. The lockdown has seen many businesses jump ships from the on-premise infrastructure/applications to Cloud with a motive to continue day-to-day operation without hindering customer services. AMS brings to the table the following advantages

1. Cost efficiency

2. Better productivity

3. Improved flexibility in application operations

4. Informed execution by experts

5. Cloud potential

The business paradigms are changing with haste, you either run along with it or get overrun. This has diminished the thin line of patience that previously existed among customers as well, who now demand everything be available to them within a few clicks reach. In an era of 4G and 5G, where a buffering video is a major inconvenience, superfast services are not a privilege but a necessity, fail to provide it and your competitors are always lurking to capitalize on your slip ups. Application management services saw a radical shift during COVID, and has reshaped the way organizations function, demanding a more resilient, robust and flexible software systems with lesser dependencies on legacy infrastructure.

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