Smart IMS Office 365 Security and Compliance

Smart IMS Office 365 Security and Compliance

Smart IMS – Office 365 Security and Compliance:

Microsoft Office 365 is an all-encompassing product crafted to cater to your organization’s requirements like data usage compliance with technical, regulatory and legal standards. Additionally, Microsoft Office 365 also fulfills your organization’s content security requirements. To establish a compliant and secure Office 365 work environment, you will have to get a proper understanding about the various aspects of compliance and security. Also, you would need a third-party service provider to examine the limitations in the data protection, archiving and content management capabilities in Office 365. Smart IMS has helped many organizations stay up-to –date with today’s evolving standards and regulations, helping them better manage their governance activities.

Let’s dive deep to its features of Office 365 that aid you in achieving your organizations compliance and security needs –

  • Office 365 Security & Compliance Center: Manage compliance across SharePoint Online, Office 365 and Exchange Online with the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center. You also can accord permissions to compliance managers in your organization to enable them to access a few or all of the features related to compliance in the Security & Compliance Center.
  • Office 365 Import Service: Import PST files to mailboxes in Exchange Online and even data files to your SharePoint Online with the Office 365 Import Service. For either type of files, you can upload the files or copy them to a hard drive before shipping it to a Microsoft Data Center where the data will be imported to Office 365.
  • Anti-spam & anti-malware protection on Office 365: Protect your inbound and outbound email from malicious software and stay protected from spam with Office 365’s built-in malware and spam filtering capabilities.
  • Archiving in Office 365: Automatically archive older and less accessed content and remove obsolete content by managing the information lifecycle through archiving in Office 365.
  • Auditing in Office 365: Track changes made to the Exchange Online configuration by Microsoft and organizational administrators and changes made by document users with the auditing functionality in Office 365.
  • Data loss prevention in Office 365: Protect sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers or health records and prevent its accidental disclosure with the Data loss prevention (DLP) feature of Office 365.
  • eDiscovery in Office 365: Search for content in Exchange Online mailboxes via eDiscovery which is a unique process of identifying and delivering electronic information to be used as evidence in legal cases.
  • Encryption in Office 365: This is a service that is easy to use and which allows users to send encrypted messages within and outside the organization.
  • Hold in Office 365: This feature enables you to archive/preserve content for both eDiscovery and compliance.
  • Inactive mailboxes in Office 365: This feature allows you to preserve a former employee’s email after he/she leaves the organization.
  • Information management policies in Office 365: Control and track the period for which content can be retained and the actions that users can take for that content with the information management policy. This policy is a set of rules for a type of a document.
  • Information Rights management: Prevent the print, forward, saving, editing and/or copying of sensitive information by unauthorized users with the Information Rights Management (IRM).
  • Legacy Exchange Hosted Services: Information related to transition from the following legacy services hosted on Exchange.
  • Exchange Hosted Archiving (EHA)
  • Exchange Hosted Encryption (EHE)
  • Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE)
  • Mobile Device Management in Office 365: Manage and secure any mobile device that uses Exchange ActiveSync to ensure its syncing with the organization’s tasks, contacts, email and calendar.
  • Transport Rules in Office 365: Get the ability to look for conditions in messages that are passed in the organization and take required action with Transport Rules.

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