Smart IMS Regression Testing – Test Execution Plan

Smart IMS Regression Testing - Test Execution Plan

Smart IMS Regression Testing – Test Execution Plan

Development of applications has become increasingly complex in evaluating and developing high quality applications. From a development perspective, the idea of delivering error free applications through testing has gone mainstream for developing business critical applications. In real time, with upgradation of applications, many organizations are seeking a testing module that could address new and existing source codes. As most of organizations deliver several software products, it has become the ultimate need to assess and develop the application with regression testing.

To incorporate end-end test scenarios, a proper test plan should be implemented to properly execute and manage the correctness of functionality. So, a well-planned and an independent and objective regression testing team that deeply understands the intricacies of your application processes would be helpful in the long term as they provide both accountability and flexibility. Smart IMS incorporates disciplined processes and methodologies to deliver high quality applications that are reliable, secure and easy to deploy, while supporting your long-term strategies. However, when defining your performance-testing plan, here are four things we recommend:

  • List your critical application processes / transactions
  • Define performance measures/ organizational benchmarks for these transactions /application processes
  • Identify bottleneck activities for each of these processes / transaction
  • Re-Engineer / Re-Architect to remove bottlenecks.

 Apart from this, before stepping into executing a regression testing plan, however, it would be helpful to check your own organizational readiness.

  • Are your critical enterprise business processes defined and mapped on to application processes / functionalities at a detailed level?
  • Are all your development /customization efforts tied into requirements that are mapped to the processes defined above?
  • Do your functional specification documents (or requirements design) sufficiently capture the change in Business Process / Application Process because of the proposed development?

By using our application testing services, clients can maximize ROI and deliver tangible benefits ensuring you to maximize testing coverage, increase application quality, faster time to market and reduction in operational cost.

Our service offerings include:

  •  End to End Test Management
  •  Outsourced Testing Solutions
  •  Building a Test Center of Excellence (TCoE)
  •  Performance and Automation Engineering
  •  Specialized test services in emerging technologies e.g. Mobile, SOA, Cloud, ERP

Smart IMS offers a complete and comprehensive range of application testing services to meet a wide variety of business objectives. Approach on application testing services is based on best practices deployed in the product development life cycle.

Smart IMS Solutions will:

  •       Provide management with the appropriate decision-making ability
  •       Verify that all business requirements are met and function correctly
  •       Identify risk, failure points, and potential problems prior to release
  •       Identify unforeseen issues that might lead to project prior to release
  •       Identify software defects early in the development process
  •       Verify product reliability
  •       Aid in releasing a product on time and within budget
  •       Reduce the costs of development
  •       Provide a competitive product different from competition.

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