Smart IMS Test Script Execution Process

Smart IMS Test Script Execution Process

Smart IMS Test Script Execution Process:

Testing has always played a crucial role in allowing clients to increase the quality of software and helped them reduce the cost. Most organizations spot test script execution to be just the segment of software testing, but they rarely realize that it is a strategic process that provides clear insights into requirements to improve effective testing. Executing the test script and comparing the expected and actual results is one of the main processes in SDLC. To avoid any unnecessary defects and delays in testing, we require a proper test execution plan to improve testability.

To meet testing demands, Smart IMS offers Services for software testing. We understand that product testing involves thorough, vigilant and step-by-step verification so that you can be confident that your product will perform flawlessly without any complaints. Smart IMS has a secured testing environment where your application or product can be tested in cost effective offshore model. Our Software testing services are carefully planned in each phase and are monitored at each testing phase.

Phase 1: Validate the test

It is necessary to validate the test environment in terms of configuration of systems to avoid misleading data, before running your tests. If the test environment is not properly configured, you might see improper data feeds to be consumed by your scripts leading to problems.  So, validating the test environment by running complex usage scenarios will help the testers in unfolding the exact functionality. Through innovative testing methods and standards, we make sure that it is built as per the specifications in line with the requisite product usage.

Phase 2: Run Tests

Application or product under test should usually be tested based on highest priority performance tests. After each test run, put together a brief synopsis to the test log for future reference. If test turns out to be inconclusive, and needs modifications to produce the intended results, we can try fixing application errors at this stage. Analyze results by retesting the modified changes to accomplish the test execution

Phase 3: Benchmarking

At this phase, from the perspective of Web application development, we run test scripts on independent test platforms and different frameworks to determine its benchmark score. The test runs were conducted with default settings, where parameters are configured to ensure all queries run successfully.

Phase 4: Archive Tests

Sometimes, managing test scripts for each test execution becomes complicating in storing the results as the size of project becomes too large.  To keep these results for future use and save disk space, we compress them via an external archiving program, and then remove the original results from the disk.

Apart from this, we at Smart IMS are involved in implementing different test methods for project success. Our testing activities are governed through structured processes by following necessary guidelines, test cases, procedures and plans like

  • Preparing of test setup
  • Execution of planned test cases
  • Specification of test procedures
  • Regression test plan and cases
  • Verification of results
  • Test tracking and reporting
  • Metrics collection

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