Smart IMS Web Applications Outsourced Product Development

Smart IMS Web Applications Outsourced Product Development

Smart IMS Web Applications Outsourced Product Development:

User access to software applications in this age is across a plethora of devices and platforms and therefore, the software app must deliver optimal experience across various platforms, browsers and devices to stay relevant, effective and profitable. The reason why most enterprises opt for outsourced product development is because they do not have the required in-house infrastructure and IT expertise to build, deploy and test complex software in an efficient, flexible and fast manner.

Another reason why enterprises choose outsourced product development is because of economic factors such as reduced development costs. The landscape of outsourced product development and the reasons behind going for it is dynamic. Most enterprises today need a reliable outsourcing partner who can develop, test, deploy, maintain and update software in a productive manner. Smart IMS is one that offers complete range of services to organizations across a wide range of sectors to help their business grow.

Smart IMS Web Applications Outsourced Product Development Services cover:

Outcome oriented as opposed to Cost oriented –The primary outsourcing strategy of most enterprises today is a focus on improving the software quality, ensuring scalability, nurturing business flexibility and harnessing skilled talent. This is a contrast to the earlier business philosophy which was focused on saving money. Smart IMS is a pioneer in delivery high quality web applications at affordable costs.

Effective Development and Delivery Processes – Most enterprises prefer outsourcing partners who can offer efficient software development and delivery processes like Agile, DevOps etc.

Mobile Optimization- Another important checkbox on every enterprise’s list is that of mobile optimization. Businesses look for outsourcing partners that can help them optimize their software apps for mobile devices and platforms.

Cloud Computing – Reduction in cost and improvement in scalability are the basis of any business methodology which is why every other organization is now opting for Cloud computing to get rid of the hassle of building and maintaining an in-house infrastructure.

Data Analysis – Personalizing customer experience and going the extra mile each time to ensure customer satisfaction is what sets the best from the rest. This is the reason why data has become precious in the market. Businesses need the ability to analyze the huge quantum of data and derive meaningful business solutions from it.

Security – Security has been and still is a critical aspect of software which no business can afford to take lightly. This is the reason why enterprises need to be sure about the kind of cyber security their outsourced product development partners can offer which can often be a deal-maker.

Multi Sourcing Technologies – While choosing an Outsourcing partner, enterprises determine if the partner has the capability to integrate several third-party applications with their own software products/services. They need to be sure if the partner can tackle emerging challenges and issues related to multi-sourced technologies.

Long Term Partnership – If the services being provided are good, loyalty is the consequence. Studies show a steady increase in the no. of contract renewals by large scale IT organizations with their outsourcing partners. While investing in an outsourcing partner, enterprises look for a feature which is perhaps the hardest to find, consistent delivery and longevity. Therefore, once enterprises find an outsourcing partner that caters to their needs as expected, they stick to it and the relationship is long term.

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Smart IMS – ConnX is a technology solutions oriented company integrating Application Development, Cloud Transformation Services, Managed Services and Professional Services.

As a leader in the unified communications field, Smart IMS – ConnX consistently delivers applications to enable users to be mobile, agile and competitive, helping enterprises to increase revenues, improve efficiency and mitigate risks.

The company, headquartered in Plainsboro, New Jersey (US), with offices in India, Singapore, Sydney, deploys a global delivery model and deep domain expertise originating in the Trader Voice and Financial sector, with a focus on transforming traditional PBX to SIP-based telecommunications services.

Smart IMS serves Fortune 1000 as well as emerging organizations across industries and geographies to transform their business from traditional model to cloud and digital.

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