Test Strategy

Test Strategy

How to Build an Effective Cloud Performance Testing Strategy

In the process of increasing performance and agility and reducing the burden of data in their systems, Cloud Computing services come in handy for organizations. While ensuring enhanced performance, Cloud Computing can handle large volumes of data in the most efficient way. Though it has been in the industry for quite a long time, Cloud Computing has evolved into a rapidly growing sector in the span of last few years.

Performance Testing play a vital role in the Cloud Testing strategy where it is mandatory to build the right strategy of testing applications in the cloud environment. While being hosted on the cloud, Performance Testing help applications be tested for security, availability, scalability and accessibility. Any application cannot go LIVE without evaluating its functional discrepancies, latency, speed of the applications, number of parallel users using the app, usability or system failures if any. In a nutshell, to ensure the applications run efficiently and be available in critical times, Cloud Performance testing is the key.

As we know that Cloud Services are implemented in various forms such as Public, Private and Hybrid, as part of Performance Test strategy, there are some vital steps that IT teams need to consider in the Cloud set up. Let’s peek into the various test strategies that should be applied and the typical tests applicable in the context of Cloud.

Load Testing: To establish minimum, maximum and average response time, the load tests must run repeatedly to help keep a track on the application response time and in mimicking real time scenarios. On the public cloud platform, it is crucial to get the information on the load statistics from other customers sharing the cloud, to provide inputs on the expected response time as there will be multiple applications hosted on the cloud.

Stress Test: Just like Load test, it is extremely important to conduct Stress test in the public cloud environment where execution and careful planning need to be done. When compared to Private cloud, testing must be carried out effectively in public cloud as it is shared by multiple users. For understanding its behavior during breaking points and pressure points, Stress test is critical for all the applications.

Capacity Test: Given a set of circumstances, Capacity testing is used to benchmark the number of users a system may handle and should be ideal to use during the design phase. Capacity Testing provides testers with a clarity on possible run time errors and gives an idea on the number of users an application can handle.

Memory Monitoring: Volume tests can be conducted to monitor the virtual memory with memory monitoring tools. The capacity and the scalability of the virtual environment can be understood for testing the applications.

Elasticity and Scalability Testing: To understand if the performance is in line with the defined SLA’s, elasticity testing is vital in the cloud set-up. This testing helps estimate the costs against the usage and validate the quantum of services used where the model in the cloud set-up is mostly pay-per-use.

Smart IMS’s performance testing focusses on providing solutions for our global clients around performance testing and engineering.  At Smart IMS, we have a dedicated Performance Testing Center of Excellence which carries Load, Stress, baseline test, capacity planning, production monitoring and consulting.

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