The skills and traits that will get you hired

The skills and traits that will get you hired

The skills and traits that will get you hired:

Not just their technical know-how, best employees get hired and promoted for their people skills. Since the soft skills aren’t as trainable as the technical skills, this factor becomes the defining element in what makes an outstanding employee. Below are some of the traits that employers seek in employees while hiring for a new resource or for promoting someone from the existing employees.

Emotionally Intelligent:

Employees who are emotionally intelligent build strong working relationships with ease. These employees are self-aware and know how their behavior impact other colleagues. To put it short, they are team players whose interactions are based on consideration and respect. With these type of employees, the productivity and efficiency of the entire organization increases.

The Right Way in Speaking Up:

What makes an employee outstanding, is the ability to speak up when there is a real need, especially at times when no one else is talking about something important. The skill to know how and when to bring up an issue allows them to address matters that are sensitive. Moreover, they also have good clarity on issues that should be raised in public and the ones that could be left to private conversations. Speaking up the right way in asking tactful questions allows them to confront on any type of issues.

Knowing what is important:

Without getting distracted, the ability to stick to the task at hand is one of the important characteristic of a best valued employee. It shows his serious thinking abilities that usually comes with experience. They know what to discern and how to prioritize things and work towards accomplishing it. The best employees know what is important and their excellent people skills will keep them away from being rude to colleagues who might disrupt them while working with high priority tasks under strict deadlines.

Be Confident Sans Arrogance:

Great employees don’t boost about their success and are always confident about their abilities. One thing they ensure is to keep their egos at check. They always serve as a helping hand to their colleagues who need help and are always approachable. They have the unique ability to balance team work with high performance which is why they are a valuable resource on a team. With this kind of attitude, others open with the issues which they might hesitate to bring out with anyone else.

Don’t say – “That’s not my job”:

Exceptional employees see their roles more broadly and not just confined to their job description. They always step up when there is something that needs to be done and are always willing to give their time and knowledge.

Knowing when to have fun and when to be serious:

Great employees enlighten the work place with their sense of humor whenever it is appropriate and at the same time, they know when to get into business. When a colleague is down for any reason, they are the first to offer the helping hand and are equally proactive in pointing their co-workers who indulge in back talk about other resources.

A knack for self-improvement:

Standout employees always think of ways to improve themselves and are never satisfied with their status quo. They take initiative in carrying out the improvements along with suggestions on the ways to improve. For them, Change is an opportunity to do better and that is the reason they are always a great asset to any organization.

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