Vendor Management Services

Vendor Management Services

Smart IMS Vendor Management Services:

Today, many organizations are adopting a particular business model depending on the process of the project and client’s specific skill set requirements. It includes diverse workforce systems to deal with staffing processes. As with strategic staffing process, it has a huge task of manually updating real time data and track varied departments managed by several distinct people. This process can be a stressful and painstaking task to produce accurate data reports in terms of payroll, time, attendance and HR management.

Staffing today should meet organization needs and expectations. It also requires detailed planning, loads of research, analysis and more to serve the purpose of hiring needs. With growing number of staffing vendors, it can be difficult for organization to effectively monitor and manage each process of project lifecycle. So, the staffing company you select should do justice to your business requirement by identifying the risk before it impacts your business. To have an effective performance management, it requires consistent review with on-going process. Apart from this, managing vendors can also be a challenging process to have clearly defined vendor management processes, pre-defined agreements for managing and administering contract terms. There comes the need of a reliable vendor management system to secure and manage staffing services.

By setting up an effective vendor management service, organizations can meet their expectations and various governance processes. But, with a vast array of Vendor management service available in the market, how would organizations know which module will really be of value to their business? And how can you trust a company with vast industry experience to deploy and manage your system smoothly?

At Smart IMS, we have designed a flexible model that can help you automate and streamline the processes for your business and optimize ROI from day one. Since inception, we have been helping our clients achieve this paradigm shift in managing their contingent workforce.  Our vendor management system services include:

  •           Sourcing and Acquisition
  •           Contract Management
  •           Payments of on-demand workforce
  •           Risk Management
  •           Performance management
  •           Reporting and analysis
  •           Timesheets management
  •           Governance and project follow-up process
  •           Contractor Background Compliance

Finally, the success of an outsourcing project depends much more on how well you can manage the process. Smart IMS has worked with several organizations to design and implement vendor management strategies and has successfully achieved their business goals. Our experts will work with you to implement the vendor management model that best fits your organization. Reduce operational cost and improve your market stand by driving profitable growth with our vendor management services.

Some benefits of our vendor management services include:

  •           Improved communications between third-parties
  •           High cost savings through increased visibility
  •           Reliable source of information exchange
  •           Reduce operating costs & improve profitability
  •           Save money vs. hiring full-time employees
  •           Simplify migrations and deployments
  •           Ensure proactive vendor support
  •           Skilled I.T. service provider managing technical needs
  •           Expert for assessment and installation
  •           Advanced platform for recording and tracking progress

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