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Reduce operational expenses and boost feature availability.

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Drawing on our extensive experience, Smart IMS ConnX SIP Trunking as a Service provides an Op-Ex, cloud-based, enterprise-level solution that combines a Session Border Controller (“SBC”) with a SIP trunk line, delivered to your enterprise through the cloud.

As businesses have continued to migrate their communications to IP-based platforms, ConnX SIP Trunking as a Service replaces legacy connections with IP-based circuits, and offers the connection from the cloud, enabling enterprises to reduce expenses and increase feature availability. Since ConnX SIP Trunking as a Service is OpEx-based, CapEx is minimized, and your enterprise benefits from savings beyond what even a typical SIP trunk installation can offer.

Let Smart IMS manage your SIP Trunking applications:

Superior Support

Smart IMS SIP Trunking Applications are based on standard practices to enable us to provide superior support services to our customers.

Op-Ex and Cloud-based

The Op-Ex model of our Cloud-based, enterprise-level solution is designed to reduce the need for large, upfront investment.

Smart Integration

It features the integration of a Session Border Controller (“SBC”) with a SIP trunk line.

Our capabilities

Smart Automation

Our solution controls call admission, session management, normalization, media treatment, Over the Top applications, and video.

Secure Interoperability

The solution interoperates between the carrier and on-premises equipment, to secure signaling and media and acts as a location for cost-effective integration of legacy and IP environments.

Engineered for the Enterprise

To provide carrier performance with lower costs/minimum capital, we engineered the solution specifically to bring the power of SBCs to all enterprises, providing scalable, resilient, best in class features.